This month we’re talking about BALANCE and I’ve got a little reminder for you today.⁠

If you have been going at it hard with your workouts, don’t forget to REST and RECOVER.⁠

That refers to your workouts, but honestly, it’s critical when it comes to ANYTHING that stresses your body (and mind!) – for good or for bad.⁠

4 reasons it’s important to take a rest & recovery day:⁠

✅ It gives your fibroblasts (special cells that help repair & build muscle tissue) time to do their job.⁠
✅ Your body gets a chance to fully replenish your glycogen (energy) stores so that your muscles are energized and ready to go for your next workout.⁠
✅ It helps cut back on repetitive stress and strain that can lead to injuries.⁠
✅ It’s good for your mind. It gives it a chance to focus on other things and take a break from working out, too!⁠

The importance of downtime is often overlooked but it’s ESSENTIAL in helping you get the results you are working so hard for!⁠

Research points to taking at least one day off every 7-10 days.⁠

TIP: Before you start stacking up a bunch of rest days though, make sure you have something to rest from! 😉⁠

Also important: if you’re new to working out or coming back after a layoff, you might need more recovery time until your body has time to adjust.⁠

Some things you can do on a rest day:⁠

👉️ If you’re not feeling physically tired or sore, take an “active recovery day.” Do something active (but less intense than your workouts) like golfing, hiking, going to the beach, etc.⁠
👉️ Work on a hobby⁠
👉️ Go for a walk with family or friends ⁠
👉️ Catch up on the latest show everyone’s streaming⁠

It’s all about finding a balance that works for you AND your goals!⁠

Committed to your success,⁠

Get Active⁠

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