Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals.

Unlike boot camps, packed out gyms full of equipment you don’t know how to use, and large group fitness chains run by group fitness instructors, at Get Active all our trainers are qualified and registered personal trainers who understand the mechanics of your body and how best to move in order to achieve your goals. All our members are individuals and have their own story, we pride ourselves on knowing our members, understanding their journeys, and delivering an individual experience in our group fitness format.

If you’re a team player, love a pumping atmosphere, and prefer to workout in a fun and supportive group. Our group fitness classes are perfect for you.



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Open Week Program

Get Active Open Week
Get Active Open Week
Get Active Open Week
Get Active Open Week
fit over 40
fit over 40
fit over 40
fit over 40
fit over 40

Fit Over 40 Program

Fitness Enthusiast in Ballina and Surrounding Communities, Come and Join Us for a 28 Day Body Transformation Challenge.

You don’t need any type of background in fitness to join - only the desire to work hard and finish the challenge.

What you will get:
🎉 Accountability
🥗 Meal Plan
💪 Goal Setting
👩‍🏫 Daily Feedback from expert coaches
🕋 All-access to classes and gym

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Meet the Coaches

Get Active Coach

Meet Nathan

Nathan is initially from Sydney and prior to becoming a fitness coach he worked in project management in various cities throughout the world. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and this is where his love for connecting with people from all walks of life came about. ⁠

He moved to the Northern Rivers about five years ago and became more intensely focused on fitness to improve lifestyle and overall well-being as well as studying, training, and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. ⁠

After seeing and loving the benefits in his own life, he decided to changed career paths and became a fitness trainer, BJJ coach and ACSCA certified strength and conditioning coach! This enabled him to teach these benefits to other people, and now something he has increasingly become passionate about. ⁠

Nathan deeply believes in integrating strength and conditioning training into one’s life - as it's an essential pillar of the mind-body-spirit connection. His focus when coaching is on teaching functional fitness and mobility techniques applicable to everyday life as well as sports-specific training. ⁠


Meet Billie

You may recognize Billie’s face as she has lived in the Northern Rivers her whole life. Billie and her family have been members at Get Active over the past 4 years and her passion for being active landed her a training position whilst she studied her Cert 3/4 in Fitness - now being fully qualified. ⠀
Her two favourite training styles, both to teach and train are boxing and Pilates! She also lives by the motto “balance is key to a healthy lifestyle”. ⠀

When she isn’t instructing boxing or HIIT classes, by day she works in Customer Service for a local Byron Bay company. And in the mix of this, Billie has been riding horses since she was 7 years old and competing in competitions. ⠀

If you haven’t trained with Billie, come along to her 5:45 am Boxing class on Tuesday mornings, or her HIIT class at 5:45 am on Thursday - they are high tempo, along with a good playlist and a great start to your day!


Meet Jesse

Jesse is new to the Northern Rivers and the Get Active community, originally coming from a small country town called Young. He started off as a plumber then moved into engineering on superyachts overseas. Eventually, he found he was more interested in the mechanics of the body. ⁠
⁠He has spent the last 2 years studying integrated movement science & holistic lifestyle coaching through the CHEK institute. Also studying mindfulness/meditation because he literally looked like the Buddha as a kid so he thought he better act the part 🤣. ⁠

Jesse is a big believer in looking at the body as a whole and that we are a system comprised of many smaller systems, all of which are interconnected and affect each other. His favourite quote or mantra to live by is "do things with a smile, it's contagious". ⁠


Meet Corinne

Corinne has worked in the fitness industry for almost 20years. With a background in sport, fitness has always been a big part of her life. Corinne initially was trained and taught group fitness in Sydney before moving to Ballina in 2005. Corinne holds a Cert III and various other qualifications such as Les Mills Certification, Introductory Pilates, and Mental Health First Aid.

Corinne is passionate about helping people and loves being part of the Get Active Community, her motto is "just show up, you won’t regret your workout and the group/class environment allows you to tap into other people’s energy and support when you need it."
When Corinne is not at Get Active she is working as a Speech Pathologist where she also gets to support others to be the best versions of themselves.

Meet Mick

The owner of Get Active PT. Mick has been a Ballina resident his whole life and has dedicated the last 16 years to supporting the Ballina community in achieving their health and fitness goals.

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“I was very nervous when I first went (even though I knew of Mick, I didn’t really know him), but I had nothing to worry about, Mick is very welcoming and makes everyone feel like they belong there. It’s not just Mick that makes you feel welcome, everyone that goes to Get Active are always happy and smiling and very welcoming, even when the trainer is being mean. My daughter and I do 2 Semi-Private PT sessions a week and love it, we are still asking ourselves why we pay someone to inflict such pain on us. We do early morning sessions and complain a lot but secretly we love it, you always feel so good once you have exercised. We love Get Active because they welcomed us with open arms and they make us feel like we belong there.”



“I entered the 6-week challenge as a motivator to kick start my health and fitness after letting things slip a little too far after I stopped playing sport about 5yrs ago. I have always been into team sports so the variety and fun of the group classes works well for me. The dietary advice was also important as the focus was on improving what I was already eating and looking at portion sizes rather than trying to introduce lots of new fancy foods. I ended up losing about 9kgs during the challenge but I think the increased energy levels and knowing that the changes have been incorporated into my day-to-day life is what I am more happy about because if it’s not sustainable it won’t last.”

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Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals.


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