Here’s something that always amazes me – and also frustrates me…

It’s when people say they’re not “ready” to start exercising, or eating right, or making some change they’re always talking about. And now is a good time to discuss this, because so many of us insist we’ll be “ready” in January – and then find another reason to put off change.

Right? You know people like this! Maybe you’ve said it yourself.

See, it’s a lie we tell ourselves – that we have to be ready to make a change.

And every January proves it.

So instead of finding another excuse, try to focus on what you really want and need to do, and on what’s holding you back. Look inside and learn what you’re afraid of, since fear is usually at the root of our refusal to finally stop talking and take action.

I get it. Fear is powerful. But you’ve got to decide for yourself that it’s not going to stop you.

You’re never too busy, too out of shape, too ANYTHING to not take action.

It’s a hard truth for many to accept, but the sooner we can eliminate our reasons why not, we can act NOW to start achieving the goals we’ve been dreaming about.

Ready or not,

Get Active