Spring might be my favorite season because it’s abundant with rebirth. You see life renewing itself everywhere. I mean, think about – plants that died a few months ago literally come back to life, and we get to soak up the beauty all around us.

Every year, everywhere — miracles.

Well, listen – you’re a miracle, too. And if you’re feeling like some hopes have wilted, or some aspirations are fading, then I have a message for you in an old metaphor. This spring, try to see yourself blooming into your own personal rebirth THAT YOU GET TO CREATE FOR YOURSELF.

Do you have a vision for yourself? 

Maybe you crafted it at the beginning of the year, at your last birthday, or for a job review. 

If you have a personal vision written out somewhere, find it. Review it. Make any necessary adjustments, being sure to acknowledge where you’ve made progress and not just where you’ve fallen short.

If you don’t have that personal vision yet, then it’s time to write one. It’s not enough to just THINK about where you want to go. If you’re feeling down because your dream seems impossible, then believe me: You have to write it out to make it real.

And you can.

Here’s how.

Make lists of what interests you – in healthy living, maybe it’s growing your own vegetables or running a 10K; what you’re good at; your skills in these kinds of topics; why the world needs you at your best; and, finally, what goals you have for yourself.

From the lists and goals, can you start to see what your life looks like? What does it smell like, taste like, feel like? Add in as much sensory detail as you can, so much that your vision seems real before you.

It might not be easy to get there. Rebirth can be difficult and scary. Sometimes we have to push through challenges to get to the other side.

But it’s SO worth it. And this is a powerful ritual you can go through any time – every spring, for instance!

Keeping a vision will bring you clarity and help you make decisions. The vision will provide parameters to keep you moving forward on the path you choose.

You’re a force of nature. Don’t you doubt it for a minute.

Get Active