Can we get real for a minute?

It’s about how “busy” you say you are.

  • “I’m too BUSY to make healthy meals.”
  • “I’m too BUSY to exercise regularly.”
  • “I’m too BUSY to manage my stress.”

If you’re using that old excuse to avoid making positive changes for yourself, then I have some tough love for you:

It’s just not true. You are NOT too busy.

Seriously, as hectic as your daily life can be, I implore you to remember this:

Many people are way busier, and they still manage to eat right, exercise, and generally take care of themselves better than you’re doing right now.

Single parents working two jobs and going to night school, for instance – plenty of them make the time to live a healthy life, while also going to work, raising the kids, studying, and tending to countless other demands, just like you.

It all comes down to individual choices. You can decide to stop feeling exhausted by the victim mentality – to joyfully take control again with a fresh outlook.

CHOOSE to prep a few dinners you can have waiting in the freezer so you’ll be more likely to drive past the drive-through.

CHOOSE to enjoy a workout instead of mindlessly channel surfing.

CHOOSE to express gratitude for the bounty of your life, to manage your priorities — and even to learn to say “no” sometimes!

We all get the same amount of time in a day. It’s up to you how to spend it.

Get Active