What’s your No. 1 investment?

Your mortgage? Retirement account? Kid’s college fund?

What if I told you that your No. 1 investment should be your health? And what if I told you that investing in your health will save you a ton of money over time?

It’s true!

Money is one of the biggest objections to getting and staying healthy, along with time. And truthfully, none of this makes sense when you think about it. Because at the end of the day, your health is all you have.

That’s why I can’t say it clearly enough: You can afford to live a healthy lifestyle. You also have time for it, regardless of any circumstances.

When you say, “It’s too expensive,” think about all the FREE ways to exercise, like:

  • Going for a brisk walk
  • Using your bodyweight
  • Finding some stairs

In my years of experience, I discovered that most people need more – including coaching – to really commit to their health long-term. 

And when you’re thinking about affordability, remember that exercise saves on health-care costs, it reduces the number of prescriptions you need, and it keeps you productive at work and at home (all saving MONEY). 

Still not convinced? Think of it this way: we pay an average of $107 a month for cable TV. 

Are you still able to say you can’t afford to invest in your health?

P.S. Don’t forget how exercise and eating right boost our spirits and self-esteem.