OK, it’s time for annual inventory! That’s right. Get out a pen and pad and take stock – of your 2021 goals, the progress you made, and what you can still work on before the calendar turns to 2022.

Here’s our step-by-step guide.

  1. Write a list of your successes for the year; another list for disappointments; another for unresolved goals. Then reevaluate those to see how you feel about them now.
  2. Pat yourself on the back for your wins, and accept whatever disappointment you’re feeling. 
  3. Then let that go! Check that baggage and move ahead with a clear conscience.
  4. Next, look for opportunities to take action on your 2021 goals in the remaining days of this year. Don’t make the common mistake of saying, “Well, the year’s almost over, so I guess I’ll just revert to my old ways until January 1!”

That last step might be the most important one. You’ve got to use all the time you’re given to reach your goals… even after you’ve reassessed and maybe even adjusted them. And you don’t want to blow your gains here in the homestretch.

Think about it: Does your favorite football team just blow off the last 10 minutes of a game because they’re behind?

Of course not. So, play on! And when the calendar does turn, you’ll be even better set to look ahead at the next new year.