Here are the 9 most popular types of meditation practice. Read more to see which style fits your needs. 

  1. Mindfulness Meditation – The most popular meditation technique. This style can be practiced alone and focuses on your thoughts as they pass without judgment. Concentration combined with awareness, you observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensation to note patterns.

  2. Spiritual Meditation is similar to prayer. If you’re looking for spiritual growth reflect on the silence and seek a deeper connection with your deity or Universe. Essential oils like frankincense or myrrh or sage are often associated with this style to heighten the experience.

  3. Focused meditation is simple theoretically but can be difficult when starting.  By using any of the five senses concentrate on something internal like breath or external like staring at a candle flame to focus your attention. If you lose focus, come back to the center and refocus.

  4. Movement meditation: Let gentle movement guide you in this active form of meditation. This practice is best if your mind wanders and you find peace in action. While yoga is often thought of when referring to movement, a walk in the woods, gardening, or tai chi is an additional way to partake.

  5. Mantra meditation is commonly associated with “Om.” Mantra meditation is using a repetitive sound to clear your mind. Whether spoken out loud or quietly, after repeating your mantra you’ll be more alert and in tune allowing you to experience levels of awareness. This style is best for those who can’t keep quiet and prefer repetition.

  6. Transcendental Meditation is for those who need structure and are serious about habitual meditation. By repeating a mantra or phrase specific to you, transcendental meditation’s goal is to transcend your thoughts to a state of pure consciousness and achieve perfect stillness, rest, stability, and order free of boundaries.

  7. Progressive relaxation’s goal is to reduce tension and promote relaxation. This form involves tightening and relaxing one muscle group at a time and encourages you to imagine your body as gentle waves helping release tension and relieve stress. It’s often used to unwind before bed.

  8. Loving-kindness meditation is a practice to build compassion, kindness, and acceptance towards yourself and others. By opening your mind you are more apt to receive love and send love out. Those that hold onto feelings of anger or resentment would benefit from this style.

  9. Visualization Meditation is used to enhance your mood, reduce stress, and promote inner peace. Imagine a positive scene and use all your senses to enhance the detail. Another way is to imagine yourself succeeding at a goal specific to you to increase focus and motivation. 

With 9 different ways using different focusing techniques, you can reap the benefits and create a lasting habit that helps you accomplish your goals.

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