Worst or best.

First or last.

Winner or loser.

That’s it, right? You’re either one or the other, and if you can’t be the best right away, then why waste time struggling to make progress?

No way!

Thankfully, I know you know I’m exaggerating to make a point. But it’s still a valid point. In our “be the best” culture, it’s easy to get frustrated when superior achievement is elusive.

But I think we often turn that into an excuse to quit something too early, like working out or eating right.

It’s SO EASY to say, “Well, forget it, then. I can’t be great at this, and I hate to be terrible at anything – so I’ll just drop it altogether!”

Sound familiar?

Look, it’s great to pursue excellence and to have high standards. But not when it results in this kind of all-or-nothing binary.

How about if we just all agree to do our best today and not worry about how we rate on the grander scale?

No first, no last – but everybody wins.

The most important thing is that you just keep moving forward.

Get Active