As spring heads toward summer next month, you might find yourself wanting to change your goals with the seasons.

It’s only natural.

But don’t let the change of seasons change your goals. That’s a slippery slope at any time of year, regardless of the temperature.

Your goals are based on year-round values and desires, not ideas that rise and fall with the thermometer. 

Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t change our TACTICS for reaching goals. By that, I mean, we can exercise outdoors more, or be more mindful of how much time we’re spending bundled up on the couch.

But the REASONS for adopting the tactics and strategies you’ve chosen? Well, those remain the same. And so should your intentions.

Remember, we reach our healthy living goals not quickly, but over time – by making consistent, steady efforts. We’re talking about HOW WE CHOOSE TO LIVE, not just what we’re going to do right now.

Take comfort and inspiration from the changing seasons. They’re powerful, natural, consistent, and lead every year to the next step.

So, welcome the summer – and keep your eyes on the prize.

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