Lots of us hated math class when we were kids. I remember thinking, “How am I ever going to use this in my real life?”

While geometry might’ve been unnecessary, some basic math will serve you. ☺

Take losing weight, for instance.

It’s really a simple arithmetic equation, A + B = C. We have to burn more calories than we consume. If we do this consistently, then we will lose weight.

But it’s not that easy, right? Math doesn’t account for human desire, errors, distractions, or lack of focus. (That’s what we got in Lit class!)

So, try this visualization to control those troublesome-yet-fully-human tendencies.

Think of your diet and exercise goals as math. It’s simple. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t care if your boss was mean to you today or traffic was terrible or there’s leftover pie in the fridge.

Then, know that all your self-doubt and the chaos of daily life is completely NORMAL.

You can then take full personal responsibility for creating any physical or health transformation you desire.  

But now is the time when basic math can clarify our tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be.

You know what to do. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure it out. ☺

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