Some things are inevitable but gaining weight over the holidays isn’t one of them.

Realizing that – and owning it – is the first step in breaking the idea that it’s just “a thing” and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I mean, just stop and think for a second. Who says it’s OK, maybe even unavoidable? Do you?

I don’t.

Anyone who does is just looking for an excuse. And I know you’re serious about improving your habits. You’re not looking for a nonsense “reason” to blow it off.

It’s just an old idea that too many people rely on, sometimes without even thinking. It’s like reflexively saying how much they hate Mondays. Do they really hate Mondays? Or do they just keep perpetuating that idea by saying it all the time? Would their day (and week) improve if they stopped dreading a return to work? 

You’re responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.

Nothing is “a thing” unless you allow it to be.

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