We all had dreams when we were kids. To become president, or win the Olympics, or become a movie star.

But now, as a “realistic” adult, stop and consider the dreams you have for your life. What’s your big, “unattainable” goal? Do you want to travel the world? Make a million bucks? Be strong and healthy for yourself and your loved ones?

Dreams of any kind (not just about health and fitness) start with an idea that becomes a belief. The belief then can spur action and – voila! – results.

It’s true!

Example: You might have the idea that you’d like to be your own boss. That becomes a belief that you could start a business. Then you develop a business plan – and eventually open your doors.

That’s how it happens. That’s how you can start to make it happen… with an idea. Even if you don’t take steps to turn it into reality, a dream can be a powerful motivator and a stimulating subject for thought or conversation. You never know how your dream might inspire others.

So, please, do yourself and the world a favor: Dare to dream!

Now, I’d be honored if you’d reply and share your big dream with me!

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