For all its sunny glory, summer can sometimes be just too hot to enjoy the outdoors, right?

But now, as temperatures cool and you can feel autumn in the air, it’s a great time to get back outside – having fun while exercising (while sometimes not even realizing it).

So, come on! Take advantage of some of these amazing ideas for enjoying the season AND staying healthy + fit:

  1. Go for a hike. Summer crowds are gone, and leaves might be changing already, so get somewhere with plenty of foliage and trails that fit your ability. (Bonus: You can do this in your local parks, too, when you can’t get out of town!)
  2. Rake the leaves. It’s great exercise – and you get to jump in the pile when you’re done!
  3. Enjoy outdoor sports. Fall is a perfect time for golf, tennis, pickleball and more. Don’t worry if it’s a bit brisk out there. You’ll get warmed up in no time.
  4. Botanical gardens. When did you last enjoy the nearest botanical garden or similar attraction in your area? Many put on special seasonal attractions, so check them out.
  5. Toss a football. Toss a frisbee. Toss a ball with the dog.
  6. Walk, jog or bike your way to the gym or fitness studio. That way, you get the best of both worlds all in one trip!
  7. Get ready for a community fun run. With Halloween and the holidays coming up, your town probably has a 5K or 10K scheduled. Have you tried one before? Are you a bit intimidated? Start getting ready now and join in the fun.

Remember to exercise regularly, enjoy plenty of fresh, seasonal produce, and get plenty of water and rest.

Get Active