If you eat a live frog every morning, then you can face the day knowing the worst is behind you.

So goes an old saying and a theory about how to stop procrastinating made popular by author Brian Tracy. He says “eating a frog” is like tackling your most difficult task first thing each day – which is also the one that can do the most for you.

Now, no one is actually suggesting you eat a frog – live or otherwise!

But I bet you have an unpleasant chore you’ve been putting off… and putting off…

That’s been bugging you, distracting you, making you feel like an irresponsible procrastinator.

So, why not do it today? Right now.

Just imagine how much clearer your mind will be when “It” is finally off your plate. Imagine the brain power you can now devote to other things you’ll enjoy more. 

It’s  just a matter of making priorities and decisions, and then having the determination and discipline to follow through on them. Like everything that’s hard at first, it gets easier each time you do it – and experience the reward.

Get Active