The ancient practice of meditation has gained traction as more people discover the health benefits associated with focus, relaxation and inner peace. 

Although nearly everyone has heard of meditation, though, many only have a “fuzzy” idea of what it is or what it can help them achieve. 

Meditation is the consistent practice of training in awareness and gaining a sense of perspective. People who habitually practice meditating utilize it to decrease stress and increase concentration. It’s also commonly used to develop healthy sleep habits, increase mood and outlook, develop self-discipline and even increase pain tolerance.  We’ve got a list of ten reasons to start meditating that have been scientifically linked to habitual meditation. 

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Control Anxiety
  3. Improve Emotional Health
  4. Enhance Self Awareness
  5. Builds Attention Span
  6. May reduce age-related memory loss
  7. Pain Management
  8. Fight Addiction
  9. Increase Positivity
  10.  Improves Sleep
  11. Decrease blood pressure
  12. Accessible anywhere

Introduce meditation slowly. Sit for small moments of time and build from there. Eventually, sit for 20 minutes a day and couple that with a few minutes throughout the day to break up a chaotic schedule, you’ll start feeling the benefits. Don’t force it though. Find what works for you and make a point to fit it in your schedule.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or find inner peace there’s a meditation practice 

Closing your eyes and focusing on the rise and fall of your breath can help you harness the power of meditation today.

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