Summer is such a powerful time. It’s packed full of emotions and memories that can affect our mindset and mood.

We all have nostalgia around summer with the sights and smells and that feeling of being free.

You know that healthy habits key to living your best lives in the sun, to enjoying friends, family and travel – and, yes, to looking your best.

But remember that your core, long-term commitment is more important in the long run than any seasonal stimulation or motivation. It comes from within, from knowing your “why” – and it’s truly the most powerful thing.

Which is why I want to say – don’t get fit for summer. Commit to fit for life.

So, take a moment now to look within yourself and recall your main motivation for leading a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Maybe you want to get leaner so you look, feel and move better.
  • Maybe you want to improve athletic performance – or your ability to keep up with the kids.
  • Maybe your commitment to healthy living has taken root in your identity, and you want to keep nurturing it all year long.

It doesn’t matter what it is – no judgment here. 

Take a moment to pause and be grateful for how far you’ve come so far this year.

You’ve earned a moment in the sun, for sure. Keep the power of your “why” close by for now and for when the days get shorter this fall.

You got this!

Get Active