We’ve all heard the expression, “If you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything.”

Well, it’s an important truism for your success journey in business, relationships, or healthy living. Our paths can take us one some tangents, right? We might encounter people or situations that tempt us, confuse us, or seem like the answer to our prayers.

But how can you tell what’s really right FOR YOU? By defining your values and referring to them often.

Values are the principles that give our lives meaning and help us negotiate choices and challenges. They should be a bedrock for you as you go through life. By clearly knowing your values, you’ll be able to assess any decision.

If you lack a clear definition of your core values, just follow this simple process. Top businesses have done this, and they proudly share their corporate values as a defining emblem of who they are. Very smart!

  1. Start by brainstorming a list of what’s important to you – like gratitude, loyalty, adventure, success… (There’s no right or wrong answer!)
  2. Whom do you admire – and why? Go ahead: Write it down.

  3. Consider some of your choices and how you feel about them. Are your actions aligned with your opinions about the kind of person you want to be?

  4. Narrow this all down to about half a dozen key principles that are not based on temporary situations. (If two or more are very similar, try to combine them under one umbrella.) They’re not going to change. They’re part of who you are.

  5. Write the list. Keep it handy. Refer to it often.

This will clarify SO MUCH for you. I can’t wait for you to see.

I’d love if you’d reply to this message and share what you come up with with me!

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