Believe it or not, the holiday season might be the best time of year to focus on your health and fitness.

I can see you looking at me like I’m crazy, with that “Excuse me?” look on your face.

But let me tell you why.

We’re all so busy in December — with more social commitments, more time shopping and traveling and stressing – that if we can take care of ourselves during all this busyness, then the rest of the year should be a breeze.

If you don’t allow yourself to make excuses in December, you’ll set yourself up to be on track the rest of the year!

And just think how totally awesome you’ll feel in January. When everyone else is just starting on their healthy-living journey, hungover from weeks of overindulgence and couch time, you’ll already have a whole month of good habits to build on!

It’s NEVER that we’re too busy. It’s just that we don’t make it a priority.

What will you prioritize this December (hint: you can have a great holiday season with friends and family AND prioritize fitness!