We hear a lot about why eating whole foods is good for you…

But sometimes that’s not enough to get us to actually EAT them.

I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to flip the script and talk about what you’re really eating when you eat ultra-processed (aka “junk”) foods.

To be clear, when we’re talking about ultra-processed foods, we’re referring to manufactured foods or “food products.”

They come in a package and usually are ready to eat, although sometimes you have to heat them up (like ramen soup, frozen dinners, or those “helper” boxed meals that you mix with ground meat and cook).

7 Likely “Bonuses” of Ultra-Processed Junk Foods

  1. Added sugars and unhealthy fats that contribute to inflammation and are linked with chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and weight gain.
  2. Excess sodium, which is linked with higher blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.
  3. Gut problems like constipation, because they are low in dietary fiber.
  4. Roller-coaster energy and blood sugar levels because of their low fiber content and high amounts of refined carbs.
  5. Fewer vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that your body needs — especially for the high number of calories these foods contain.
  6. Cravings because they are chemically engineered to be super delicious and make you want to eat more of them.
  7. A higher carbon footprint because of the manufacturing process.

Sounds like a lot of “benefits” you would want to avoid, right?

A better bet: choose whole “real” foods that your great-grandparents would recognize!

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