Remember the old TV cop who always said, “Just the facts, ma’am” when investigating crimes?

It’s more than a catchphrase.

It’s a great reminder about what to think about when struggling with feelings, mindset, and ambitions.

Let’s say you feel down because it seems like you’re not making any progress. You think you’re pathetic and you might as well just give up because you’re not getting anywhere.

Now, replace all those bad feelings with simple facts.

Like this one: You’ve lost 10 pounds since you started eating right.

And this one: You now easily jog 2 miles when before you could barely make it around the block.

Get the picture?

This is why it’s important to set goals that are MEASURABLE. And to record your progress regularly. Because it’s so easy to lose sight of that progress and to let your worries take you down a dark – AND FACTUALLY INCORRECT – path.

Think you’re not doing so well?

Sometimes you must forget what you think. What do you KNOW?

Get Active