“The reason I started training at Get Active was that I dislocated my shoulder and went to Mick for some advice on the injury”

I was really impressed with his knowledge and what he had to say, he put in place a rehab structure for me to get better over that time….hear more on the video –>

Johnny Hewitt

Get Active Gym Member

Row, 40

“I have done a lot of food and exercise programs both face to face and online. While I have been successful with them initially, the results don’t last long. The point of difference with Mick and Chrissy at Get Active is the sustainability of their approach. I have lost the weight and kept it off with the help of this program… I started at 85kg this time last year and now weigh 69kgs. They do not sell or pontificate glossy get fit quick schemes they rely on a consistent effort to achieve results by changing habits and mindsets.Their easy going and approachable culture they have built at Get Active means that you are not only supported by professionals but also the gym as a whole.”

Jenna, 36

“The 6 week challenge changed my life & my body. After my 3rd child I was desperate to get a bit of ‘me’ back. I was going to the gym and not seeing results. I joined the challenge. Chrissy was fantastic. She made slight changes to my diet and gave plenty of hints and tips along the way. Being able to eat whilst providing ‘family meals’ for my family was a must. Adding a PT per week with Mick changed my shape and my mental health dramatically. What I learnt on the challenge has become my everyday life & I couldn’t be happier.”

“I started at get Active due to the Kickstart Challenge…the 6 week time frame appealed to me.”

Focusing on diet and exercise… within 6 weeks I was able to lose 7 kilos and I have continued on at the gym…hear more on the video <–

Andrew Darnell

Get Active Gym Member


“I am one of those people that said they would never be seen dead in a gym, I didn’t want to be a part of that scene and I thought at my age I was past it, I was also at my heaviest and felt sluggish and lazy and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a gym. However one of my close friends asked me if I would be interesting in doing some PT sessions at the gym she was going to.  I told her I would think about it and let her know, I really didn’t think I would do it, but, I went home and asked my daughter (who is 18)if she would be interesting in going to the gym with me and a friend, and she said yes, that was over 12 months ago and we are still going to Get Active.”

“I was very nervous when I first went (even though I knew of Mick, I didn’t really know him), but I had nothing to worry about, Mick is very welcoming and makes everyone feel like they belong there.  It’s not just Mick that makes you feel welcome, everyone that goes to Get Active are always happy and smiling and very welcoming, even when the trainer is being mean. My daughter and I do 2 Semi Private PT sessions a week and love it, we are still asking ourselves why we pay someone to inflict such pain on us.  We do early morning sessions and complain a lot but secretly we love it, you always feel so good once you have exercised. We love Get Active because they welcomed us with open arms and they make us feel like we belong there.”


“My Name is Carly and I’ve been training at Get Active for the past 10 months. I decided to join Get Active to lose weight and get fit after having my three children. Since training with Mick I have lost weight, gained fitness and overall feel 100% healthier. The best part is training with my friends, Mick’s supportive and welcoming nature why he strives to get the best out of me. I love that Get Active is family friendly and everyone is welcoming and happy to see people succeed in their goals. I can’t recommend Get Active enough and forever grateful that I made the move to join.”

“I started because I was going backwards with flexibility and mobility.”

The results have been – flexibility increased and endurance. Staring to see overall mind and body more alert. The best part of Get Active is…hear more on the video –>

Jake Murphy

Get Active Gym Member

Chad, 37

“I entered the 6-week challenge as a motivator to kick start my health and fitness after letting things slip a little too far after I stopped playing sport about 5yrs ago. I have always been into team sports so the variety and fun of the group classes works well for me. The dietary advice from Chrissy was also important as the focus was on improving what I was already eating and looking at portion sizes rather than trying to introduce lots of new fancy foods. I ended up losing about 9kgs during the challenge but I think the increased energy levels and knowing that the changes have been incorporated into my day-to-day life is what I am more happy about because if it’s not sustainable it won’t last. Thanks Mick, Corrine and Chrissy.”


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the turn around of my life in such a short time thanks to Mick, Corine and the fellow members at Get Active. I joined with my mate in Feb and in such a short time I’ve lost over 11kgs. Feeling fit, healthy and very happy both physically and mentally. Life is fun again since I joined and become fit. I’ve joined gyms Through out my life like most of us. Get Active really listens to you, they help you achieve your goals. No one yells at you to keep going, no one judges you, they generally actually care about you. Above all I have now more quality good mates so I never feel alone. So don’t hesitate take the first step for yourself. The rewards will give you the best life you can have. Just like it did. Kell xx”


“I’ve been training with Get Active for approximately 12 months, mainly doing semi-private PT sessions with a group of friends.
After a back injury left me immobile and unable to train for 12 months, I was a little nervous about getting back into training again. However, I took it slowly and Mick made the adjustments needed for me to slowly feel confident about exercising again. My fitness is improving, I’m feeling strong again and experience little or no back pain. The best part about training with Get Active is the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly, supportive network of people and the flexibility in the training which meets the needs of everyone. Always guaranteed to have a laugh. I highly recommend it to anyone.”


“I have been training at get active for approx 12 months. I decided to start training at get active due to recommendations from other members.
With my results I have noticed I am much fitter now then when I first started and a lot stronger. I surprise myself with how far I have come. The best part about GA is the atmosphere. Relaxed and friendly, it’s always an enjoyable time.”

Narelle Krause

“Been coming here 4 yrs training
Any injuries ive had Mick has been a fantastic personal Trainer and helping me back to 100% fitness
Will and have always recommended Get Active to all my friends.”

Ash Tyndall

“Awesome gym and great people. Very friendly and welcoming. My friends and I love going there. Mick and Ronnie are always happy to help us.”

Kathy Buckley

“I swore I would never step foot in a Gym again after my last experience. But a good friend convinced me to give Get Active a try. I’m so happy I did. When you first walk in you feel welcomed, not only by the staff but by the other members. Mick is a legend and goes out of his way to help you. Love GET ACTIVE and cannot recommend it enough – give it a go – you will LOVE it 💪💪”

Leah Enoch

“If you’re after a genuine experience. Get Active is where it’s at!

Mick is a great bloke with a sincere approach to health and well being, which translates across to his coaching staff. If you’re a little nervous about starting your wellness journey, I’d highly recommend the supportive environment at Get Active Ballina. The hardest part is walking through the door, and these guys make that easy.”

Kerry Tyndall

“Best gym and personal training around. Awesome friendly environment. Non judgemental and all are welcome! Mick and Jesse are the best and really know their stuff. Do yourself a favour and check it out!! I recommend Get Active 100%

Phil Calnan

“I have been using Get Active 2 times a week for nearly 26 years, initially for a cardiac condition and also now for a rheumatoid arthritis condition
Mick Muir has worked with me to evolve a program that effectively suits my needs

Kristie Windle

“First gym I’ve stuck too !! Everyone is super friendly and you go at your own pace I joined in January and was welcomed in straight away Billie and Jesse are awesome trainers xx

Anthony Spark

“Mick’s a ripper. Great workout, great fun

Luke Plummer

“Great relaxed atmosphere.

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