When I was growing up, every morning a new index card popped up on the kitchen counter.

It was my Mom’s list of things to do (on top of going to work).

It was her “power list” because it helped her power through her busy days.

I never really gave her list much thought except to be impressed at how quickly she could motor through all the things she wrote down.

But now I see that her list-making habit played a big role in keeping her focused — and keeping our family running without too much chaos. (Thank you, Mom!)

It turns out a simple to-do list is a POWERFUL science-backed tool in helping to get things done… and also in reducing stress.

Just a few research findings on the power of making lists:

  • Students in one study who created formal to-do lists procrastinated less than those who used random or mental to-do lists
  • Creating a written to-do list frees up brain space because you don’t have to keep reminding yourself about tasks (my favorite thing about lists!)
  • Plus, the act of writing your to-dos down can help you cut back on anxiety if you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do.

Plus, isn’t it REALLY gratifying to cross things off your list when you’re done? 😂

So, when is the best time to write down your list?

Whatever time works best for you!

My mom made hers first thing in the morning while drinking her cup of coffee.

But for you, making a list the night before could help calm your mind from trying to remember the things you want or need to do the next day.

Remember: What gets scheduled (like your workouts and meal prep!)… gets DONE!

Your mini assignment: Make your own “power list” every day for the next week — and keep it to 5 items, tops. Let me know how it works for YOU!

Committed to your Success,

Get Active

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