Time – our most valuable resource. We only have so much of it, and we have to decide how to invest it.

I urge you to make time for your health. It will be your greatest reward throughout life. As we’re told, “If you have your health, then you have everything.”

Or, put another way, “Health equals wealth.”

Here’s something I love about the relationship between the time I invest in my health – and how that investment pays off. I can spend just a few hours a week exercising and know that I’m drastically reducing the chances that I’ll spend days, week, months or years suffering later.

Most chronic illnesses in this country are largely preventable through lifestyle choices – like exercise, diet, sleeping well, avoiding stress, cigarettes and too much alcohol, etc. 

Give a little time to build and develop health habits, and you gain so much more.

Not having time is the poorest excuse for not taking care of ourselves.

If we get honest with ourselves, it’s not an issue of time but an issue of priority.

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Get Active