People sometimes ask why I exercise regularly. 

Sometimes they even ask if I’m trying to make a point, or prevent aging, or hold onto my youthful vanity… On and on…

But here’s the truth.

I move my body because I am grateful that I can.

If you have the ability to care for your body, then you should see exercise and healthy eating as GIFTS, not burdens. Because not everyone can, you know.

Are you showing thanks for that every day? The more you challenge your body – THE BETTER YOU CARE FOR IT —  the more it will respond. 

Look, sometimes I don’t feel like working out. But I do it anyway. It’s a ritual of expressing gratitude. And it keeps me humble, knowing that I might not always be so strong, fast or agile.

Our bodies change, after all.

So give your body everything you’ve got, each and every day.