What if scientists came up with a magic pill that would grant each of us our health goals instantly?

  • Want to lose weight and keep it off? Take the pill.
  • Want to have the body of a fitness model? Take the pill.
  • Want to eat anything you like and never gain a pound? Yep – take the pill.

Would you do it?

Well, it’s a nice fantasy. And let’s be honest – who wouldn’t, right?

That’s why there’s a multibillion-dollar industry to make us feel like we can buy The Magic Pill. Or gadget. Or diet. Or herbal tea, or lollipop, or rubber vest that makes you sweat too much… On and on, right?

Trust me. You are not missing a little secret that’s preventing you from getting results with ease.

The real secret is no secret at all: You’ve got to do the sometimes tedious, often hard work of eating right and exercising regularly. Day in, day out. Week after week, month after month… 

You know the drill.

So, I say, embrace it! If anybody could magically have what they want, it wouldn’t be very special, would it? But when we set a target, adjust our priorities to hit it, and follow through on the execution?