Are you grateful? Do you regularly pause to appreciate the good things in your life?

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by stress and negativity, especially if we watch too much news or compare ourselves to the shiny-happy people on social media, right? Those dark clouds gather, and sometimes they block the sunshine of our fortunes.

Well, there’s a really easy, powerful tool to fight all that negativity. And I want you to feel the warm sunlight on your face every day, to be inspired by your bounty so you can multiply it for yourself and others.

It’s a gratitude journal. 

For me, nothing lifts me out of a funk more than sitting down and making a simple gratitude list. I was nervous the first time I tried it – self-conscious and worried I’d forget something or someone.

But once I started, the list came easily. Friends, family… my health… my home… my sweet neighbor…

A list like this can become the basis for your gratitude journal. A simple list that no one needs to see, that you don’t need to judge… Just start writing, and then notice how your mind and heart open up. When you’re done, I promise you will feel better!

To make it easy for you, I’ve started a simple Gratitude Journal, with prompts for the first five days to get you going. After that, you can think of new starters if you need them, or cycle through my five again. That would make a simple way to fill a week full of thankfulness.

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