They say we’re the product of the five people we spend the most time with, so we better pick our friends and associates carefully.

How do you manage that without shopping for new buddies or editing out difficult colleagues from your workspace?

Well, take a moment to assign one positive trait to each of your five people, even if one of them is an office frenemy or worse. Pick a quality you’d like to share, or something you can deliberately copy to improve your exercise, diet and healthy living.

Let’s try it!

  1. Your partner makes a point to laugh every day? So should you! Laughter really is good for us, just like the old saying tells us.
  2. Your sister never misses a workout? Awesome! Ask what’s her secret.
  3. Your neighbor always has a smile on her face? You can, too.
  4. Your annoying office mate never misses a deadline or shows up late for a meeting. Hello?
  5. Your best friend reads at least a book a week, and you’d like to do the same.

When we pay attention to those around us, we can increase the richness they bring to our lives. And maybe even give more back to them, too.

If we’re not here to help each other rise up and make each other better, what are we even doing? 

And I’d of course love to support you…