Picture yourself on a train going through a tunnel. Ahead, you see a light at the end. To reach it, you must shovel coal into the furnace every day, keep up the maintenance, and anticipate bumps in the tracks ahead.

Now think of the tunnel as the process you’re using to reach your intention, which is the light. And the fuel, maintenance, and anticipation of bumps? They’re all part of the action you must take every day to keep moving and make it all the way through to what you want. 

It’s the Law of Attraction plus the Power of Action.

It’s as powerful as a train in propelling you to success.

Some people might be tempted to ignore the first part of my metaphor – the tunnel. But don’t make that mistake. The tunnel provides tunnel vision, so that all you can see is the thing you want. You are focused – there’s nothing else to distract or dissuade you.

Remember that as you pursue this outcome you desire, whatever it is. Remain singularly focused on reaching it. Don’t let anything enter your vision and threaten your intention or determination.

And when your energy starts to lag, make sure you’re fueling up for the work at hand. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you seeking advice for problems that lie ahead?

Do all of this, and you will manifest your desired outcome as surely as that train engineer will get through the tunnel to the light.

Get Active