If you’re trying to exercise more, eat better, and maybe lose weight, then a little self-inspection can be helpful. You want to understand your motives and desires so you can turn them into fuel to build long-lasting habits.

But I urge against getting too caught up in yourself – in believing that you’re so very different than other people with the same goals and challenges.

Building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a common fight. Obesity is high in our country. Few people exercise or eat properly. Many struggle with stress, self-esteem and body issues.

I encourage you to realize this partly so you don’t judge yourself too harshly and think you’re, like, the worst person who ever lived.

But I also want to encourage you to find strength in the numbers of the common struggle.

To realize that your problems, challenges and struggles are not unique to you. Because if you insist that they are, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

As human beings, we are all special, unique and wholly our own – yes, absolutely.

But as people fighting a common enemy, we all share the same struggle.

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