“Should I hire a coach?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot. And, if you’re a human, the answer is always YES!


If there’s anything you want to achieve in your life and you don’t know exactly how to do it, get support!

Here are just a few reasons to say YES to coaching:

  • You’re not seeing the results you want. Hey, I understand! It happens to everyone. A coach has the skill and knowledge to get you over the humps – just like any professional has a deeper well of expertise than most people have.
  • You have a specific goal in mind. Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight before your sister’s wedding? Maybe you want to participate in your first mini-triathlon or Spartan race. A coach will help you focus on being ready for the big day.
  • It’s just so overwhelming. Starting to exercise can seem like a lot — between choosing an activity, finding a facility, shopping for equipment or clothes, and then overcoming our anxiety to dive in and do it. A coach can help you step by step.
  • You need some pointers. Maybe you’ve been working out for a while, but you wonder if your form could improve, or if you should mix it up. Here’s when a coach can help keep us on track, providing corrections or improvements that really pay off.
  • You’ve had an illness, birth or surgery. Talk to your coach about any limitations, even if they’re temporary. He or she will provide safe, effective alternatives.
  • You’re stuck at home. Now more than ever, online trainers are bringing health to people in their own homes via the computer. 
  • Accountability. If you know your coach is there waiting for you, that’s extra incentive to get to show up. Sometimes when we’re alone, it’s easier to shrug it off.

Coaching is a priceless investment in yourself.

And, in my opinion, a critical one.

So, where are you struggling? What area of your life could you use some guidance, support, & accountability in?

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