The problem with most “New Year’s Resolution” style goals is that we wait until January 1 to start them, and bolt off the starting line… until we collapse in exhaustion a few weeks into January.

This year, start warming up TODAY for January 1. Follow this step-by-step process to form goals and act on them now, so you can sail into the new year with a month or two of success under your belt.

  1. Think of “goals” in addition to “resolutions.” There’s so much stigma associated with New Year’s Resolutions because most of them fail – quickly. A goal is more resonant, has more weight, and isn’t something you think about only once a year. Still, research suggests that people who state a New Year’s Resolution are more likely to achieve it than those who avoid the word.
  2. Use the time between now and January to practice and discover. You say you want to eat more fruits and vegetables, maybe? Great! You have weeks now to try different types of produce, play with recipes, and experiment with meal prep.
  3. Start workouts now so that it doesn’t feel like such a shocking change to your routine in January. Think of it as a weeks-long warmup or “soft launch” or dress rehearsal. By the time 2023 starts, you’ll be over the jitters, familiar with the location, and ready to really get started.
  4. Mentally prepare for the challenge of your resolution or goal. Think about what you set out to do in previous years. Where were your struggles? What came easily? Stay positive in your mindset, and think about gradual change, not overnight transformations.
  5. Remember to be SMART. Choose goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive.

These steps will help you slide into the new year full of confidence and determination to succeed in 2023. There’s no time like today to start planning for tomorrow!

Get Active