When something hurts us, we naturally pull away. But we’re missing an opportunity to turn a bad situation into a learning opportunity if we do.

It’s in our most painful experiences that we can find the greatest lessons and motivations for personal growth. 

Here’s a simple example to prove my point. A friend of mine lost her business after a period of struggling to bring in enough revenue and manage costs. She took a brief moment to lick her wounds, and then she reviewed what she had done, where she had made a smart risk, where she had learned from a difficult choice, etc. And, within a year, she was back on her feet with a new venture.

What about you? What motivates you to want to exercise and eat well? For a lot of us, there are painful memories at the root of that.

USE IT. Turn it into an advantage. Your past is such a great asset – so, don’t ignore it, good or bad.

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