One of the things that helped me “click” with healthy eating was seeing how someone else did it.

I’m not talking about a made-up plan in a magazine, but a real-life example of a day’s worth of eating… exactly what they ate and when they ate it.

So that’s why I’ve decided to pull back the curtain and share my personal “day in the life” when it comes to food.

Something to keep in mind: this is what works for ME. I’m not suggesting you follow this!

I’m sharing it in hopes that it gets the wheels turning for YOU in finding a routine that fits your goals, schedule, and likes/dislikes.

So here we go!

FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: I drank a tall glass of water… quickly followed by a cup of coffee with oat milk creamer.

BREAKFAST: Depending on my schedule this is usually eaten 30-45 minutes after my coffee (it takes my stomach that long to wake up!). But this morning I had to get going early, so I grabbed the overnight oats I made the night before: ½ cup (40 g) rolled oats, ½ cup (115 g) Greek yogurt, 1 cup (150 g) berries, 1 tsp honey and a couple of hard-boiled eggs.

BEFORE MY WORKOUT: Half a banana with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter

POSTWORKOUT/LUNCH: Lunch on the go! I threw this together the night before, except for the vinaigrette: chopped salad with greens and veggies, 5 oz (115 g) of shredded chicken breast I made in the slow cooker during the weekend, ½ cup (90 g) of black beans, and an olive oil vinaigrette.

AFTERNOON SNACK: Quick protein shake – my go-to grab & go snack and an easy way to get in more protein.

DINNER: Tacos!!!! White corn tortillas stuffed with leftover ground turkey from the night before, vegetarian refried beans, spinach/tomatoes, goat cheese, and salsa. YUM!

As you can see… I do as much work as possible ahead of time!

Because just like you, I struggle with having enough time to actually eat my meals, much less make one from scratch every few hours.

It’s all about keeping it simple so you can stick with it!

Get Active

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