September is a powerful month to get healthy and fit. 

The kids are back in school. Social activities are manageable before the holidays start. The changing leaves and crisp air can bring a meditative state of abundance.

So, let’s leverage this month and season to pursue our healthy living goals. Here are some suggestions to get you in the right frame of mind.

  1. With schedules changing, this is a perfect time to find a fitness activity that fits in with your other responsibilities.
  2. If summer was too hot where you live, then take advantage of the cooler temps for daily walks, jogs, and bike rides outside.
  3. Set aside a few minutes each morning to practice self-care in the form of stretching, meditating, or writing in a journal.
  4. Tweak your goals for the year. Pat yourself on the back as warranted and make whatever tweaks you need for the rest of the year (without beating yourself up over anything).
  5. Take some of that extra time for reading. Is there anything better than sitting with a book in your favorite chair and a cup of tea? If you have older kids, review their reading list for any titles you can read together.
  6. Visit farmers markets to sample the seasonal produce.
  7. Enjoy the view with gratitude. Pause each day to be thankful for your blessings – including the journey you’re on to live your best life with exercise, healthy eating, and more.

These and more can lead you into the holidays and winter with the right mindset and some early successes under your belt. Let’s use this month to make the rest of the year the best it can be!

Get Active