We are all part of nature, products of the world just like the flowers and the birds and the oceans.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes, but it’s true.

And summertime can help us lock back into that innate power and energy as an endless resource for healthy living. Science verifies that merely being outside more lets nature improve our bodies, minds and spirits.

So, get out there and know that you’re doing something smart for yourself every time you step outside. Soak up the sun and fresh air and let it works its wonders on you.

  • Being exposed to nature helps us feel better emotionally.
  • It lowers blood pressure and eases muscle tension.
  • It connects us to other people, to the world, and even sometimes to the universe.
  • This is true whether you hike in the mountains or stroll in your local park.
  • Trees reduce noise and improve air quality. Imagine what they do for humans!
  • Our bodies need sunshine and Vitamin D, so get your boost walking, jogging, or biking on trails or beaches.
  • Put your hands in the earth, prune your bushes, and plant new flowers. The symbolic implications are rich!

If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve been spending too much time inside these last two years, looking at screens and sitting.

This summer, let nature works its magic on you. You deserve it.

Get Active