Have you heard the expression, “Fake it till you make it” and wondered what that meant?

It’s simple (and super-helpful).

It just means that you need to do the right thing for yourself, whether you feel like it or not.

When we’re talking about making healthy choices, you can’t always wait until you’re “motivated” or you might be waiting a long time.

  • Novelists don’t wait till they’re “motivated” or inspired. They get up and write every day.
  • Olympic athletes train every day, even then they don’t want to.
  • And you have to suit up and show up for your workouts and other healthy choices even when you’re more motivated only to get back in bed.

In order to reach your goals, should you wait till you feel like doing the work – or buckle down and get it done, knowing you’ll feel so much better when it’s done?

There’s really no choice.

Get Active