How often do you say or think of statements like these?

  • “I’m the best at that” or “I’m the worst.”
  • “I’m always right or I’m always wrong.”
  • “I have to win or I don’t want to play.”

If these sound familiar, then you might be trapped by an “all or nothing” mindset that can hinder you from even trying new things, let alone reaching goals.

It’s an unrealistic burden to expect “all,” and it’s self-defeating to think “nothing” is the only alternative.

I mean, we all learned long ago that we can’t be the best at everything. Heck, we probably can’t be the absolute best at anything. And if that’s true (it is), then it makes zero sense to think we’re the absolute worst at anything, too.

Let’s face it: You’re just not that special, LOL!

Understanding that is SO liberating. I really want you to embrace it and enjoy the vastness of possibilities in the broad middle between “all” and “nothing.”

That’s where reality is.

That’s where life is.

That’s where success is.

Sometimes you’re going to win, sometimes you’re going to lose, and much of the time, you’re just going to keep making your best effort every day.

That’s a more empowering and satisfying approach than the old “it’s black or it’s white” mentality.

Look at all those colors on the spectrum in between! That’s where you’ll truly find the magic.

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