November into December is a tough time for many people when it comes to their weight.

I mean, we spend weeks or months building healthy habits – eating well, working out consistently… And along comes November, disrupting our schedule with lots of emphasis on feasting… And we know it’s just Part 1, since December is coming next!

Don’t stress. We’ve got your back. Here are 10 easy tips to stay on track this Thanksgiving.

  1. Visualize the day in advance. Where will the meal be? Does the host cause any emotional triggers? Can you anticipate them? If you’re hosting, what mini-dramas can you predict in order to minimize emotional chaos? 
  2. If you’re a guest, bring a healthy side dish. If you’re hosting, make sure to include plenty of good options for you and your guests. You can still serve the heavy favorites for others who might want them, but you don’t have to be tempted, knowing you have your own treats to enjoy.
  3. Enjoy some heavy foods in moderation if you like. Plan an indulgence. Maybe you can have a small slice of pie, for example, without blowing away your gains or freaking out in guilt. 
  4. State your gratitude for your healthy habits, the new blessings they’ve brought you this year, and the support of those around you as you’ve navigated this new reality. 
  5. Be the designated driver for the big day, or for other parties. That way, you won’t add alcohol calories to whatever you’re eating.
  6. Plan physical activity for the day. A lot of towns have 5K turkey trots you might want to join. Or tell everyone you want to have a game of flag football before the meal, or to go on a walk through the neighborhood.
  7. Eat wisely throughout the day, and drink plenty of water, too. 
  8. Eat slowly at the meal and wait 10 minutes before going back for “seconds.” That will give your body time to catch up. Only eat more if you’re hungry – not because Aunt Marge’s casserole is to die for.
  9. Wrap up the day when the time comes. If the people you’re with bring you down or make you feel pressured, then politely leave at a discreet time without blaming anyone. Try saying “Thanks everyone. I’ve enjoyed it, and now I really have to go.”

Remember it’s just one day. Enjoy it in health, without any guilt.

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