Do you find it easier to eat right at home, compared to at a restaurant, where it’s so easy to overeat?

  • The waiter brings the bread basket when you sit down.
  • The menu is full of heavy entrees and irresistible desserts.
  • Even the salads are loaded with tons of non-salad items!

But here are some simple steps to build a healthy, delicious meal when you’re out to eat.

  1. Just say no to the bread basket or tortilla chips placed on your table before you’ve even looked at the menu.
  2. Order mostly vegetables.
  3. If ordering some kind of meat, start with fish and work your way up to poultry and then lean beef, and limit yourself to a reasonable portion. For some reason, restaurants want to bring us three times as much as we need.
  4. Go for raw, steamed or broiled instead of fried.
  5. Avoid heavy sauces and cheeses, plus added butter, salt, sugar, mayonnaise and heavy dressings.
  6. Ask how items are prepared, and if you don’t like the answer, make a special request.
  7. Share a dessert, or skip it altogether.
  8. Watch your alcohol consumption, even wine.
  9. Drink water throughout the meal.

You can do all of this without being a high-maintenance killjoy. And you’ll go home feeling so much better about the experience!

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