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You might not realize that, like everything else in our bodies, hormones can be disrupted by a range of factors, including lifestyle choices or habits. So, if you’re trying to eat right and maintain a healthy weight, you should keep these in mind, and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

  1. Nutrition. A balanced diet keeps our guts operating ideally; putting too much stress on our digestive system can contribute to hormonal imbalances. We need probiotics, fiber, healthy fat, and plenty of water every day.
  2. Exercise. It can lessen symptoms brought by changing hormones – while also boosting the quality of life, lowering aches and pains, and bringing countless physical and mental benefits.
  3. Caffeine and Stress. Going through a difficult time, or simply drinking too much caffeine, can cause the overproduction of stress hormones. They then disrupt sleep, appetite, and energy. 
  4. Not Getting Enough Sleep. Rest is also important to produce the right amount of the stress hormone cortisol.
  5. Alcohol and Smoking. Yep – as if you didn’t already know they were bad for you!
  6. Exposure to Certain Chemicals. Cleaning products, wrappers, textiles, and more common items can contain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. Check out this guide to make safer choices.

For optimal health, we really do have to practice positive habits consistently

If you ever feel like you’re “doing everything right” and not seeing results, keep your hormones in mind as the possible culprit.

I’m here to help with exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle support. Be sure to talk to your doctor, too, if you’re concerned about your habits and your hormones.

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