If we accept that it’s legit hard to be fit sometimes, then let’s also cop to a complementary fact: It’s harder being unhealthy, inactive, sick, and incapable of living your best life.

I mean, we all get to choose which path to take. They’re both difficult in their own ways. It’s up to you.

Me? I’ll take the path that lets me enjoy a better quality of life… greater physical and mental health… looking more like I want to look… and feeling better about myself every day rather than worse.

I get immediate gratification from working out. And I feel stronger with every healthy choice I make in the kitchen or a restaurant. I know that I’m building the life I want. That I’m treating my body the way it needs to be treated.

Conversely, I feel terrible if I sit on the couch all day and eat frozen pizza.


Are you with me?

YOU CAN BE. Let me show you how…

We all have to make the choice between health and sickness at some point in our lives. I hope you choose the former. You deserve it.

Get Active