So many times in life, we have to make a choice.

  • This or that?
  • Here or there?
  • Deal or No Deal?

But sometimes we DON’T have to choose.

Sometimes we get to say “AND” rather than “OR.”

Sometimes we can have it all.

And it’s important to remember this from time to time if we’re going to fulfill our amazing potential.

If you tell yourself you must choose between your partner and taking time for yourself, then you lose either way.

Forget about that.

Embrace this as your truth: “I can be a loving, supportive partner while also taking the time I need for myself.”

Easy, right?

Let’s keep going.

You don’t have to choose between having an active social life and eating responsibly. Say it with me: “I can enjoy time with my friends while also holding true to my goals around what I consume.”

One more: “I can exercise regularly while also fulfilling my other responsibilities at home and at work.”


That’s just crazy talk. I mean — are you fabulous or are you awesome?

See what I did there?

Get Active