A lot of people have a problem with happiness: They think they don’t deserve it!

Is that you?

  • Are you not good enough to be happy?
  • Do you feel unworthy somehow?
  • Or is it something you’re working really hard to get, and maybe someday if you keep trying…?

Sometimes we just need a reminder that we’re good enough to be happy. Worthy enough. And that happiness isn’t a goal we march toward grimly.

Because it’s not about being a certain weight, or being able to do this or that, or having something or someone.

Happiness is about acceptance. When we accept things as they are, then we can begin deciding what to work on… what to work toward… and what to let go.

Try this. Think of something that’s blocking your happiness. Let’s say – just for purposes of this discussion – that you can’t be happy as long as the weather is bad. Well, can you change the weather? No – unless you’re Mother Nature disguised as a mere mortal, this one is out of your hands. So, accept it instead, and change your attitude about the weather. See how that works.

Or if what’s blocking your happiness is… oh, for example, the dirty dishes in the sink. Well, good news! You can change that. So… do it! Clean the dishes and enjoy your bliss.

Obviously, these are extremely simplistic illustrations. But the point is a good one. Whether it’s about your body, your exercise, your self-image or – really – anything else, happiness starts with acceptance… then setting a realistic goal… and taking steps to make the change you want.

Let’s try it and see!

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