Have you noticed the revolution in aging? It’s really fascinating.

Just a few decades ago, the conventional thinking went something like this. Work till you’re old enough to retire, move to Florida, enjoy the sun for a few years, and die in your 70s.

Now? Forget it! We’re living longer, healthier, more active lives – and we want a better quality of life than our parents’ and grandparents’ generations had. 

Healthy living choices make all the difference in how we age. Do you want to be strong enough to get off the couch when you’re, say, 80? Bring in the groceries? Play with the grandkids?

And what about the millions of us who demand more than that of ourselves? We’ll still want to golf, play tennis, travel, work in the garden, etc. In short – we’ll still want the strength, endurance, and flexibility to live the way we want to live.

Part of the aging evolution is a growing awareness that older people must practice resistance training. Notice how I put that: MUST practice it. Not SHOULD. Not MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT …

It’s a simple fact that human beings lose muscle mass as we age, starting in our 30s. We need muscle to function normally throughout our lifetimes. And we get and keep it by resistance training.

Without muscle, old people are frail and more likely to fall. And when they fall, they’re more likely to break bones if they haven’t been… practicing resistance training. That’s right. We also build our bone strength by lifting weights, using resistance bands, doing body-weight exercises, and even practicing yoga. Bone strength is crucial later in life, especially for women after menopause.

Strength training is also good for brain health, mood, sleep and confidence. If you want to age well, strength training is the answer. 

Making the decision to CHOOSE how you age starts NOW, my friend. How do you want it to go?

Get Active