You know the mindset you need to reach your goals. Success takes sacrifice and commitment, and you’re ready for that!

But if you’re like me, you might like the flip side better. That’s rewarding yourself for little victories along the way – like a small dessert after a week of hitting your exercise and diet goals, for example.

But it can be a tricky balance.

… Reward yourself too much and you might cancel your progress.

… Reward yourself too little and you could feel deprived and frustrated.

Lucky for us, summertime brings unique opportunities to practice the balance. 

And if we create a new, positive idea of “rewards,” and not just think of them as sugary desserts or rounds of margaritas, then we can build on our positive choices even more. So:

  • Forget “cheat days” and opt for an occasional “cheat meal” or even just a “cheat dessert.” In summer, cool off with a healthy homemade popsicle instead of a trip to the local Ben & Jerry’s. 
  • Make your reward something that supports your healthy living goals. Like a nap… Ah, yes. Is there anything better than a nap on a lazy summer day? Turn the phone off, tell the kids to keep it down, and indulge. It’s also good for lowering stress and resetting your focus.
  • Buy something to continue building healthy habits. Like, when you reach a milestone in your weight journey, get that nifty smoothie blender or a new pair of tights.
  • Dip into decadence with a massage or other spa service.

Remember it doesn’t have to be something huge. 

In fact, simple acknowledgment might be all you need today.

Get Active