I’m asked all the time: “How do I achieve my health and fitness goals?”

It’s a fair question. And I think I’ve come down with six simple pointers to get you where you want to go, whether it’s about your weight, athletics, or anything else, really.

  1. Start with a small goal to build confidence.
  2. Set one goal at time. 
  3. Make it measurable and specific and give it a time limit. 
  4. Understand your motivations. 
  5. Be consistent. Results take time. 
  6. Lighten up on outcomes and focus more on the process. Remember you are working hard to improve yourself, and that you’re worth all the sacrifices you’re making.

Success really is a journey more than a destination. 

From the list above, think about maybe where you’ve gone wrong in the past when you haven’t reached a goal.

Then, set an intention to do it differently.

And always, always seek support. Success never happens alone.

Get Active