Open Week

Workout Buddies are the best. Bring your buddy to Get Active during our bring a friend week! Here is why.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered what we knew all along: that a strong and supportive community works best as a fitness motivator than the usual #fitspo videos and pictures we see on Instagram!

In the study, 217 students were enrolled into free exercise classes at the University. They were split into 2 groups, the first group received motivational images, videos and information. The second group saw no messaging, but placed into social networks where they could follow each others progress.

The study lasted 13 weeks with a clear winner: workout buddies motivate each other to exercise and actually improved over time!

The research findings do not surprise us here at Get Active. We know that it is a no-brainer that a workout buddy helps us to

* Get to the gym

* Work hard during each class and push for results

* Get that coffee after class for a spot of gossip and a chat

* Reduce our stress

* Be accountable

* Have way more fun than if you are on a treadmill alone

* Maintain our lifelong journey of health & wellness

Get Active is all about teamwork. By working together to smash our goals, we foster an inclusive, empowering and inspiring team environment.

This is your chance to get your own workout buddy to motivate you and for you to introduce them to a healthier more active way of life. What a great mate

So, have a think about who in your life needs a fun workout buddy like yourself and who you would love to work out with and bring them along!!

The people make this gym!! Have you got someone that would suit?